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Maine Coon Cat Sale History

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Most people that come out to the cattery want the very biggest one they can get, especially guys. That is one reason the Males are so popular. IN SIZE.! And, You must provide a scratching post or cat tree for this breed from day one in your home. Maine Coon Cat Sale History…

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Maine Coon Cat Sale History

These cats are very interactive with people. If you do not want a cat that will be all over you, then you do not want a Maine Coon. You can teach this breed to do most anything you can teach a dog. They are extremely intelligent and most will fetch naturally, without training. Maine Coon Cat Sale History…

How Maine Coons originated in the United States is a mystery. One theory is that the Maine Coon cat developed from a mating between a wild cat and a raccoon. This theory has been disproven as genetically impossible but the Maine Coon name remains. My favorite theory (and most plausible) is that Maine Coons originated from a mating between short haired domestic cats and longhair Norwegian Forest Cats that were introduced to America by Vikings.​

Maine Coon Cat Sale History

Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed. Average Maine Coon Males typically weigh between 13-18 pounds, with large ones weighing in at 30 pounds! ​Females average 8 -12 pounds. Maine Coons are slow growers and may not reach their full size until they are 3 to 5 years old. Maine Coon Cat Sale History.

Maine Coons are hearty cats meant to survive the harsh New England winters. Maine Coons don’t typically “meow”, they chirp and trill (a mixture of a meow and a purr). Cats may chirp when they spot prey and a trill is often an expression of happiness. Most Maine Coons enjoy the water. They have water resistant fur and can be good swimmers! Maine Coons resemble the Norwegian Forest cat but originally belonged to – VIKINGS.

Maine Coon Cat Sale History

Once they pass through “kitten hood” when they have the attention span of a two year old child, they are easily trained. As kittens, they are like “wind up toys.” They play as hard as they can go until they get tired and then fall asleep where ever they run out of energy. Once they mature to about 9 months of age, they will meet you at the door when you come home and follow you around the house much like a dog would. Once you sit down, they are going to be up beside you or in your lap.


Maine Coon Cat Sale History

Until you own one of these cats, its really difficult to explain just how different they are from other cat breeds. They have a very small meow and it varies from cat to cat as far as how vocal they are. But you can hear them purr from across the room. They also have this little “chirp” sound they make while playing that’s unique to a Maine Coon. Its hard to describe the sound until you actually here them do it. Maine Coon Cat Sale History.

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